Posted by: arkAile | October 16, 2009

Minorin’s New Single on 23rd December


对所有Minorin粉丝来说可是个大消息呀! Minorin将在12月23日推出她个人的第7张单曲。目前的消息只有这么多,真希望赶快公布更多消息。原消息来自Minorin的个人部落格~

此外,下星期,也就是10月23日也是Minorin的第一本写真集[Crescendo] 的发售日,真的等不及想买一本来看看呀!有空请务必到[Crescendo]的特设网站看看~


Great news for all the Minorin fans out there~ Minorin will be releasing her 7th single on 23rd of December. That’s the only info about her new single and let’s hope for more news about it soon. The news if from Minorin’s blog.

Also, one week later on 23rd of October, Minorin will be releasing her first photobook named [Crescendo]. arkAile can’t wait to get one for himself. Do check out the special site for [Crescendo]!

That’s all for this time~



  1. 這張單曲最矚目的是有4首”歌”, 而不是2首歌+2首音樂啊!!

  2. みのりん!みのりん!みのりん!!!

  3. 这真的是一个十分好的消息啊,等她准备好足够的歌曲后就是离她下一个Live Tour不远了!


  4. I just got my copy last week. =D *drools on the first few pictures*

    • desparately waiting for Kino to call me to go collect my copy…

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