Posted by: arkAile | October 16, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 4: 満天Planeterium



Where is the best place to rest after one day of walking in Japan streets with your heavy backpack and lots of stuffs from shopping? It’s definitely the Manten Planeterium in Ikebukuro!


満天Planeterium是位于池袋某购物商场9楼的一个小型剧场,对,就像<宙のまにまに> 里面看到的,那个球体形状的剧场。那里在不同的时间会有不一样的节目播出,而这次arkAile和同伴到这里的目的就是要享受一下由奈々ちゃん旁述,名为<星のせせらぎ>的节目。嗯,没错,奈々ちゃん就是日本大人气的水樹奈々了!!!

Manten Planeterium is a small theater situated at the 9th floor of a shopping mall in Ikebukuro. Yup, it’s exactly just like the sphere-shaped theater as seen in <Sora no Manimani>. Different programmes are shown during different timeslots and the programme that arkAile and his nakamas wanna watch is <Hoshi no Seseragi> narrated by Nana, and yeah, MIZUKI NANA!!!


<星のせせらぎ> 是一个结合了映像、声音和气味的治愈节目,但其实只要听到奈々ちゃん的声音,疲惫大概就已经解除了吧。。。? 最重要的是这个节目当中播出了奈々ちゃん的两首歌,一首是<夢の続き>,另一首则是<星空と月と花火の下>。在40分钟内能够听到两首好歌 + 享受奈々ちゃん旁述的节目,我想听几遍大概都是值得的 (结果真的还有人隔天又跑去看了一次。。。) 关于看完节目之后的感觉?大概就是 Auto-Life + Auto-Revive + Auto-Esuna + Auto-Haste + Auto-Reflect + Auto-Protect + Auto-Regen 吧。。。简单来说就是复活了之后又死不了就是了。。。xD

<Sora no Seseragi> is a HEALING programme that combines visual, audio and aroma therapy, but basically hearing Nana-chan’s voice is enough for healing ya? Anyway, this programme featured two songs by Nana in it, which is <夢の続き> and <星空と月と花火の下>. In this 40 minutes long programme, one gets to enjoy a show narrated by Nana and also hear 2 songs by Nana, guess it’s worth watching again ( and that’s why one of my Nakama watched it again the next day…) How do I feel after watching the show? Basically it’s Auto-Life + Auto-Revive + Auto-Esuna + Auto-Haste + Auto-Reflect + Auto-Protect + Auto-Regen…in short, revived and unkillable….hahaha xD


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  1. I think Manten Planeterium is like a pokemon center in Ikebukuro after you said the ‘AUTO’ function,haha!

  2. I might well go to Manten Planeterium the next time I drop by Japan. I need some healing by Nana. T_T

    • Hope that the show is still on by that time, coz I heard that the show at Manten Planeterium changes all the time….monthly or seasonly…


        • who knows if they come out with new programmes with Nana…

  3. Hmmm…interesting place.

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