Posted by: arkAile | October 10, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 3: まるごみ!!



This is a very wonderful Saturday morning on 19th September, weather is extremely fine and coincidentaly it’s one of the day in Japan’s silver week. It’s definitely the best time to lie in your bed doing nothing. However, just 7.30am of this wonderful morning, a group of teenagers are seen gathering at the small town of Funebashi. Why are they here so early in the morning? Let’s continue to find out!


1. 为了保护环境而来参加まるごみ的捡垃圾活动
2. 为了看到奈々ちゃん本人而来参加まるごみ的捡垃圾活动
3. 为了看到奈々ちゃん本人和保护环境而来参加まるごみ的捡垃圾活动


Wow, the crowd just increased rapidly within one hour. So the truth is Nana-chan will be here today for the Marugomi event and participants can get a chance to get tools for picking rubbish from Nana-chan herself. arkAile discovered that the crowd can be split into 3 kinds of people.
1. People who joined the Marugomi event for the sake of the environment.
2. People who joined the Marugomi event for the sake of Nana-chan.
3. People who joined the Marugomi event for the sake of Nana-chan and the environment.
I guess I belong to the 3rd kind of people who came for this event…xD

The picture above shows the crowd who wish to meet and greet celebrities that they like and at the same time get tools for picking rubbish from their favourite celebrities. Since Nana-chan will be late because of delay in work, the people-in-charge decides to let participants who wish to meet other celebrities other than Nana-chan to move to the front first. Next, lets see what happen after the announcement has been made…….



The crowd isn’t moving at all!!! Looks like almost everyone is here for Nana-chan….


因为法律规定上的限制,这里没有办法放上任何有奈々ちゃん的照片,不过这张照片的确是奈々ちゃん在派送垃圾袋的照片哦~ 你找得到奈々ちゃん在哪里吗?


Due to some legal limitations, I’m not allowed to post any pictures with Nana-chan, however, this picture is indeed the situation when Nana-chan is giving out trashbags. Can you spot where Nana-chan is? arkAile heard from somebody from the crowd that even FC events don’t get you a chance to see Nana-chan in person in a close distance like that, I guess I’m extremely lucky to be able to participate in this event~

If you ask me my opinion about meeting Nana-chan in person… I can only say that my feeling was only “Doki-doki”… I was so nervous that I don’t know what to say, but I can feel all the power coming up after talking with her!!



arkAile was too serious in picking up rubbish and therefore no photos were taken on the 1km long of walking distance. However, I do feel that Japan is a country too clean for this kind of events…since finding rubbish in the streets of Japan is as hard as getting a chance to meet Nana-chan in person…



After the event, everyone gathered at a primary school nearby. Besides selling food and drinks, there’s also performance from some artist and local students. However, to prepare for Hocchan’s Live in Budokan that night, arkAile and friend decide to take a rest back at the hostel in Asakusabashi.

That’s all for the blogpost this time. Please continue to support~^^

arkAileの旅行メモ 3: まるごみ!!


  1. doing your part for the environment is good. You guys can join me the next time i go clean up some swamp in Singapore

  2. “ドキドキ”

  3. I wish I can meet Nana-chan at such close distance too. No, I don’t really care about the environment.

  4. agree with the one above, i dun really care about the environment, just wish to see her face to face in that distance.

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