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K-On! on AFA09~~


09当局今天召开了第二次记者招待会,这次公布了更多关于AFA09的重要消息。众多消息当中最重要的算是<轻音部!> 的声优们将到访AFA09现场进行现场配音和Q&A时间。一直都很期待参与到有声优现场录音的活动,这次难得的机会当然不能错过呀~ 如果这次能近距离看到寿 美菜子本人的话,今年将会再次达成我的其中一大心愿啊!!

AFA09 had their 2nd press confrence today and of course announcing more news about AFA09. One of the most important news is that seiyuu’s from <K-on!> are visiting AFA09 for live dubbing session and Q&A session. arkAile always wanted to see a live dubbing session by seiyuu’s and I believe this is the rare chance I’ve been waiting for a long time~ This will be another wish of mine came true if I ever get a chance to see Miss Kotobuki Minako in person in a short distance.


Besides that, price for the ticket for entry and live concert have also been annouced. Price for normal entry will be 15SGD for one day and 25SGD for two days; students can enjoy a price of 12SGD for one day, 20SGD for two days. Regarding the ticket price, arkAile thinks that it’s very considerate for AFA to let students enjoy a price which is lower than normal price and I guess 20SGD is an amount that one can earn from one day of part time job… sounds OK I guess? As for the tickets to the live concert will be 108SGD for one day, 188SGD for two days. As for this amount, just hope that starting to save money now will be fast enough…


Do visit NKDS or AFA official website for more details and info.


Below is Inakiken’s opinion on AFA09’s new announcements~

今年真是阿恺年。 (This year is the year for arkaile)

AFA09请到了许许多多的日本动漫届的知名人物,真是可惜可贺。其中最令人期待的就是日本人气绝顶的虚拟偶像 – 初音Miku和今年最受瞩目的动画组合 – K-ON声优们。

This year, AFA09 has invited a variety of Japanese  animation’s well-known artistes. This is something to really celebrate about. What most people are looking forward of should be the virtual idol which enjoys Japan’s greatest popularity – Hatsune Miku and also this year’s highest grossing animation – K-On seiyuus.

从一个活动策划的角度来看,我个人并不觉得这是个成功的决定。因为这里不是日本,这里的耳机即没有断货,吉他也没有涨价(AFA的门票倒是涨了?)此外,人们cosplay的大都是Naruto和Bleach这些少年动漫类的人物,而不是如Nanoha&Fate这些比较萌系动画的人物…..XD 嗯,虽然cosplay什么人物并没有对错之分,而我想这一点很明显看得出在新加坡地区部分动漫爱好者对动漫的认知了。。。

From the organisation point of view, I personally don’t feel that it is the most pleasing choice. Firstly, this country is not Japan. There are still stocks for K701s, the Fenders are still reasonably prices (yet the prices for AFA’s tickets have increased?). Next, most cosplayers here cosplays characters from Shonen manga, such as Naruto and Bleach, yet there are no Nanoha & Fate cosplayers…xD OK, there’s definitely no right and wrong about what characters the cosplayers would like to cosplay, but from here it’s obvious that what part of the ACG lovers in Singapore knows about ACG….


Yes, this is the brutal truth, and the cruel reality. Personally I have no idea why they would invite Miku, which has no independent performing ability.

很坦白来从宏观上来看,我相信新加坡Miku的fans连日本的0.01%都不到吧? Frankly speaking, from the view of an otaku, I believe that the percentage of the Miku fans in comparison to Japan is probably less then 0.01%? Yet, I know of several friends who dislikes Miku, to the extreme of leaving Animelo on Day 1 because of her performance. Unfortunately it is not convenient for me to reveal his identity. I wonder how many people are going to spend more than SGD100, for Hatsune Miku in AFA.


Following that is with regards to the K-On Seiyuus. With the majority of them being novice seiyuus, even strictly from Singapore’s market response, their significance proofs to be rather tricky to judge. Should the organising committee hope to increase the tourism industry in Singapore, then this might have been a great choice. I would personally show my respect to their patriotism.

最重要还是回归那个问题,新加坡有播放K-ON吗? 虽然这里”资源”丰富,不过在那么大型的活动地下我相信日本方面还是会有哪个疑问。

But here’s the gist of the problem, has Singapore ever broadcasted K-On? Although “resources” are highly accessible here, through this big event, wouldn’t it be puzzling to Japan regarding this problem?


“How did you watched K-On?”


I believe that Japanese anime viewers have already taken notice that Japan has set its sights on the problem of widespread fansubing. Wouldn’t this be bringing this problem back into the limelight? Even more so, this time round, the K-On attractions do not require tickets to enter, which I believe will cause big problems.


Indeed, after spending huge funds, yet not being able to even hear 10 songs, my impression of the Live events at AFA was not the least pleasant. With no seats, people piling up and squeezing, the faint numbers of light sticks, no encore and full of people taking illegal photographs, my impression is rightfully so.


And to think that the K-On events are open to the public, my desire to purchase the concert ticket has decreased infinitely and I’m pretty sure i’m not the only person who thinks so.

最后不得不提的就是今年的AFA怎么给我一种很DAICON的感觉? 我相信整个Event的重点似乎不再那些原本应该是赞助商还有摊主身上了 = =

Finally, I have to say that this year’s AFA has given me the DAICON vibes. I feel that the entire Event is geared towards a different point of interest and its priorities are no longer focused on the sponsors and booth owners anymore.


With such high ticketing cost, I personally feel that it is definitely unfair towards the booth owners inside, especially under the current financial situation. Even shopping centres is trying to decrease their rent or their car park fees. To make matters worse, with the recent boom in Japanese currency value which adversely increasing the price of all manga and anime goods, booth owners need to adapt to these prices. The economy status also affected students’ allowance as they have no stable income. Even under such unfavourable circumstances, the decision to increase the ticket prices by the AFA committee is indeed puzzling.


To wrap things up, the decisions that the AFA team has made would bring them to uncharted territory. Only time will tell if their investment and decisions are founded, or would it bring about their undoing.



  1. lol. Do check out my blog later. I’ll be addressing some of your issues there.

  2. Er… if you have been to some if not most of the cosplay events in singapore… you would find that althought there is bleach and naruto cosplayers… there is a greater variety of characters from different series.

    I have seen more of them laterly and a lot less of Naruto or Bleach…

    Yes they have Macross frontier, K-On!, Shana, CG… and more… We have definately left the era when everyone is doing Naruto or bleach. In fact i have noticed that the quality of cosplay have also increased over the years.

    And yes, the Japanese knew that we are watching their show… … they tried stop us remember?

    I have met afew producers last year and yes they knew about Singapore, most are happy that they get to be watched here… maybe they really do earn from figurine commission.

  3. 虽说对于日本的制作人来说有收市的确是一件好事,但每当被从日本来又是有爱之人的游客问到我们是在怎样收看到那些在新马两地还没播的动画时,总是会有种尴尬的感觉。。。毕竟在日本,网络传播是种侵权的行为嘛。


  4. Well, i do respect your opinions but of course i expect the organizers to procure some better sound equipment( if that is possible in the first place). Infrastructural limitations are present and we must respect that this is not a concert hall. As you know, concerts to some are more about atmosphere and the appearance of their idol then the sound quality. Perspectives and personal feelings are all arbitrary anyway.

    Though I may not be at the event, I do applaud the AFA in bringing down a wide number of industry players which might make an interesting event, to say the least. Times are not good but I do feel the 188 price tag can be reasonable due to the a-fore mentioned statement Of course, you are right, time will tell. So perhaps I will refrain from anymore brickbats or bouquets

  5. 去年的AFA我没去,但是听到的回应是不少人对它大吐口水。
    基本上我觉得AFA是个很商业化的活动了。大量的用媒体及艺人推广,与酒店洽谈住宿配套,不少商家的赞助以及索取入门费等等都完全不能和daicon相比。(没什么ACG Event经验-w-)虽然能引来不少人潮,但却让它变成明星见面会似的,有少许冷落其它项目的感觉已在Daicon见识过。


  6. 说白一点,去年的失望不只是针对我们这些去过日本看演唱会的人,也包括一般民众。主办单位不打算利用今年来扳回劣势,反而是提高入场收费让所谓的一般民众望而却步,我只能说这次会花20多块进去的人,哪个不是排队在舞台前面等的?很明显的摊贩根本就做不了多少声音,除非他们摆着明的带着一大堆的K-on商品…..XD

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