Posted by: arkAile | October 6, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 2: 浅草寺



I’m really really really sorry for the slow update about my trip to Japan and is now trying my best to update. This time we shall visit the Asakusa Temple.


浅草寺是日本一个蛮出名的寺庙。这次到浅草寺参观的时候正好是日本连休的最后一天,一个星期二的早晨竟然也会有这么多人潮,看到的时候还真的是冒冷汗了= =”

The Asakusa Temple is quite a famous temple in Japan. arkAile visited the Asakusa Temple on the last day of Japan’s silver week, and the crowd is definitely incredible for  a fine Tuesday morning…



There are many shops selling food, T-shirts, souvenirs and many more on the way to the Asakusa Temple. I guess the discover of the day is the name of the shop~



Crossing this gate will bring you into the Asakusa Temple. Please forgive me for not having photos inside the Asakusa Temple since it’s not very good to take pictures inside a temple. Since arriving at Asakusa Temple, arkAile prayed at the temple for my family and friends.


浅草寺旁边就是浅草神社哟~ 有机会到那里去参观的话千万别忘了也到浅草神社参观参观~

The Asakusa Shrine is just next to Asakusa Temple. Don’t forget to check out the shrine too if you are visiting this place.


这次就更新到这里了。arkAile的旅行记事将越来越精彩,要大家继续等真是不好意思呀~ 我真的会尽快更新的~~

That’s all for the post this time. The update will be more and more interesting, hope that everyone who is keeping track of the post won’t lose patience on waiting. arkAile will try to update as fast as I can~~



  1. 哇~~~~人山人海阿~~~~

  2. That is quite a lot of people around Asakusa Temple…
    expecting of your next post

  3. 啊啊~~~好想去哦哦……

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