Posted by: arkAile | October 1, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 1: 鷲宮



arkAile finally managed to recover some strenght after 12 days of holiday in Japan and is now trying hard to type blogposts with the little strenght he has… I’ll write my experiences in the 12 days into a few blogposts so that it’s easier for everyone to read and easier for me to write
Firstly, lets go to Washi-no-miya.


如果你不知道鷲宮是什么地方的话,我想上面几张图应该都解释完了一切吧?没错,鷲宮就是<幸运☆星>里面柊姐妹的家的所在地。当然,柊姐妹家里所经营的神社也就在这个地方啦~ 因为<幸运☆星>这部高人气动画的存在,鷲宮就这样成为了一个所谓的“圣地”,也就这样促进了鷲宮的经济(?),所以就算是<幸运☆星>已经放送完了一段时间,鷲宮到处还是笼罩着浓浓的<幸运☆星>的味道。

If you are still wondering where Washi-no-miya is, I guess the 2 photos above have explained all ya? That’s right, Washi-no-miya is the home to Hiiragi sisters from <Lucky☆Star> and of course that’s where the Jinjya (Shrine?) runned by the Hiiragi family is situated. Due to the very popular <Lucky☆Star> anime, Washi-no-miya is now a “sacred place” where otakus must visit if they have the chance and this has boosted business in this small town (I guess?). This is the reason why Washi-no-miya is still surrounded by many stuffs from <Lucky☆Star>, even though <Lucky☆Star> has ended airing quite some time.



The Washi-no-miya shrine is a MUST GO spot if you ever have the chance to visit Washi-no-miya. Not long after stepping into the shrine, you will see a spot for people to hang Ema filled with anime illustrations. Ema is a kind of wooden plate for people to write their wishes on and then to hang in the shrine, hoping that the God will grant their wishes. I must say that Ema in Washi-no-miya shrine is definitely very different from other shrines.


走了一整天之后当然要吃点好吃的东西呀~ 逛了一个早上的鷲宮之后,我们选择了在鷲宮神社外面的一家小餐厅解决午餐。那里的菜单中的面食几乎都挂上了<幸运☆星>的角色的名字,而我点的是挂上奈奈子老师名字的面。那里的食物真的非常好吃哦,下次来到鷲宮的话一定要试试看!除此之外,那家店的二楼也充满了很多惊喜哦!有机会请务必去参观参观。

What’s more important than a hearty meal after a whole morning of walking? Me and friends choose to eat our lunch at a small restaurant just outside Washi-no-miya shrine. Most of the dishes in the restaurant have a special name related to <Lucky☆Star> characters. I personally tried the Soba with Nanako sensei’s name on it and it’s VERY delicious. Do check out this shop when you visit Washi-no-miya and don’t forget to check out the 2nd floor of the shop too~

第一篇旅行记事就写到这里,请继续期待接下来的记事~ 顺便感谢大家耐心地读完~

That’s so much for the first blogposts, please continue to support the rest. And also, thanks a lot for reading this post patiently.



  1. 第一次看到这样有趣的悬挂处,那个面很像很好吃的样子呀,阿恺有没有打包回来给我呀?

  2. 這個時候我要說,

  3. 小司。。。小镜。。。

  4. 真是令人怀念的地方啊,上次我去的时候都没吃到东西呢,你们这次去的运气算是不错了。(今年果然是阿恺年?)

  5. 啊啊啊啊啊!!好羡慕啊!~不知道今年可不可以来到那里,然后吃碗拉面~

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