Posted by: arkAile | September 20, 2009

Serah’s Seiyuu Announced

serah farron

arkAile 虽然现在人在日本度假,可是还是忍不住想把这个消息分享给大家~
arkAile is now having holiday in Japan, but there’s still some news I’ll like to update here in toteshinse.

前几天才庆祝18岁生日的寿美菜子将会CV Final Fantasy XIII 的女主角— Lightning 的妹妹— Serah。寿美菜子能够有机会出演FF 13 中重要的角色,我个人为她感到蛮高兴的,也希望她以后有更多展现她的才华的机会。
Kotobuki Minako who has just celebrated her 18th birthday few days ago will be the character voice of Serah Farron, who is younger sister to Lightning, the heroine of FF 13. I personally feel happy that Minako is able to play a role in FF 13 and hope that she will have more chances in the future.

That’s all for now~


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