Posted by: arkAile | September 17, 2009

Thousands of meters in the air & Minako

kotobuki minako

Happy 18th Birthday to Minako


The moment you see this blogpost, arkAile is now few thousand meters on air now. And at this very special day, one of my favourite seiyuu– Kotobuki Minako is turning 18!! (pachi~ pachi~)

首先,关于这次的日本之旅。这可是arkAile第一次飞出东南亚呀~ (泪目)
这次的旅行前后大约12天,除了去观光以外,还能够参加堀江由衣在武道馆的Live,Tokyo Game Show 和Lantis祭,感觉是非常充实的一次旅行呀~ 旅行期间和回来之后也会尽快在toteshinse这里写份Live报告和旅行记事,不过请不要过度期待~~~~

Firstly, this trip to Japan will be the first time arkAile ever took a plane out of South East Asia….ToT The trip will last roughly 12 days. Besides sight-seeing, I will be going to Horie Yui’s Live in Budokan, Tokyo Game Show and Lantis 10th anniversary concert. Feels like it will be a very wonderful trip! I will also try to post reports about my trip here at toteshinse ASAP.

好了,现在进入正题 (没有错,这个才是正题)。如果你不知道谁是寿 美菜子的话,她是<轻音部>的紬、<海物语>的夏音、<现代简单易懂的魔法>的嘉穂。。。。。然后就是Sphere里面最年轻的成员了。

第一次知道寿 美菜子这个声优是当初看了Sphere <Future Stream>的PV的时候。当时原本是想看看戸松遥,结果注意力就不知不觉飘向了左边,这个感觉就跟当年看某激奏时一样。。。

Ok, now let’s get into the main point of the post. In case you don’t know who Kotobuki Minako is, she is Mugi-chan from <K-On!>,Kanon from <Umimonogatari>,Kaho from <Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou>…and also the yougest member of Sphere.

arkAile first notice this young seiyuu on Sphere’s <Future Stream> PV. Originally wanted to watch Tomatsu Haruka more but somehow Minako got my attention more…

寿 美菜子让我很欣赏的是她的声音、唱功和气质。和Minorin一样,她给我一个很尽心尽力,很努力,很专业的形象。到了今天只有18岁(不过很多人都说不想。。。),表现的机会会有很多很多,能够展现出来的才华也会越来越多,相信我会像支持Minorin那样一直支持她!

What I admire most from Minako is her voice, singing skills and her qualities. Just like Minorin, Minako gives me a very hardworking and professional image. She is now only 18, meaning she will still has many chance to perform and discovering more of her talents. I believe that I will support her the way I support Minorin.

想要多了解寿 美菜子的话,可以看看这篇不错的文章或者看看她的个人blog。以上!

If you wish to know more about Minako, do check out this blogpost written in Chinese or Minako’s personal blog. That’s all this time!



  1. […] was truly awesome and the PV was *drools* very nicely done. I can still remember writing a similar post for her birthday one here ago at the airport before my first flight to Japan. Time really flies~ […]

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