Posted by: chris1809 | September 9, 2009

Here Comes FF XIII!!!/ FF XIII发售日确定


At 8th Sept, Square Enix held the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party. During this event, Square Enix officially announced the release date of the game, FF XIII, and some other relevant news.

– Release Date: 17th December 2009
– Price: 9240 Yen (~RM370)
– There will be a special PS3 console c/w gamesoft version
– Theme Song: “Kimi ga irukara” (Because You are Here) by Sugawara Sayuri
– Suntory is going to release a new drink, Elixir, during Winter of 2009.
– Released a new character, Serra. She is Lightning’s younger sister, Snow’s future wife.
– There will be a demo play available for public to test the game, with Snow route and Lightning route.

9月8號,Square Enix 在科學未來博物館舉辦了Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party,在活動中公布了日本版FFXIII的確實發售日以及許多相關情報。

-Suntory公司將推出Final Fantasy XIII Elixir飲品,預計今冬發售。有限定版。

日等夜等,总算! 总算是确定了发售日期啊~ YEY~开心啊!
看起来, 这个圣诞我会很忙啊xD
之前玩过试玩版, 感觉这个游戏会很特别。 除了以往的ATB之外, 还附加了不少的动作游戏的元素, 让战斗更加刺激, 让这次的战斗元素&战斗速度升华不少。总之, 就是拭目以待了~



  1. Watching the trailers makes me wanna buy a ps3!

    Do check out the official site for FFXIII for more info too~

  2. I’m gonna poor until end of the year…hahaha…. -w-

    • hahaha… me too actually.
      this christmas will be a very busy christmas for me too. and i bet there will be more release during christmas.

  3. FF……終于看到他的發售日了~~~~XD

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