Posted by: arkAile | September 2, 2009

AFA’09 Performing Artists Announced!!


The long anticipated news of performing artists at AFA 09 has finally been announced!!

让人期待已久的AFA 09表演嘉宾终于公布了哦!!


From left: Ichirou Mizuki, Shoko Nakagawa, May’n, Yoshiki Fukuyama

从左边起: 水木一郎、中川翔子、May’n、福山芳樹

Hmm… I guess the title for AFA 09 really suits this guest list very much, as the title is “mou ikkai!” (one more time) and both Ichirou Mizuki and May’n are making a return to Singapore for performance again. It’s should be a good news for many May’n and Aniki’s fans out there who miss the performance last year. About Fukuyama Yoshiki, really hope he can duet with May’n again just like what they did on May’n Act concert early this year. Bout Shoko-tan, I only know she can sing and draw well… can any Shoko-tan’s fans out there tell me more bout Shoko-tan?

我想AFA 09 标题上的那句”もう一回” (再来一次) 和这次的嘉宾阵容非常的合适呀!去年的嘉宾水木一郎和May’n 都双双再次回到新加坡AFA会场表演了。我想对于错过去年的Live表演的大家是个好消息吧!今年千万别再错过了哦!!嗯,对于福山芳树的表演我还蛮期待的,希望能够再一次重现May’n Act 上和May’n 合唱的那首<突撃ラブハート>呀!中川翔子嘛。。。arkAile只知道她唱歌和画画都还不错。。。有没有翔子fans能够告诉我更多关于她的事情吗?

Pictures and news originally from NKDS, do visit here for more info on AFA 09..

图片和消息都取自NKDS,请到这里看更多AFA 09 的消息。



  1. 今年不只有May’n,还有Shoko-tan。

    • 到时候就可以在AFA再见面了~~

  2. May’n我还算认识…其他不知道= =

  3. 福山芳樹12月會到香港開演唱會, 有沒有興趣呀??

    • 12月对我来说实在不是一个好时间,不过搞不好我看了AFA的live之后会有冲动想去呢。。。

  4. Great news to every anime fans in south east asia, but I really wonder how many people will apreciate it after all. ERM…..

    Hope to listen Mayn and Fukuyama duet in live. Just hope that the ticket won’t be too expensive, otherwise…… I won’t deny the possibility that I will stick myself in the WS’s booth as a volunteer……XD

    Hope to see you all around in afa09

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