Posted by: arkAile | August 31, 2009

Bookmart in Singapore


Good news for those who like to buy stuffs, look for stuffs, check out new stuffs in Kinokuniya once everynow and then! Bookmart is now in Singapore! More information after the jump.


Bookmart is a japanese secondhand bookstore which sells books, CDs, DVDs and games. Bookmart members can also sell your japanese books at home at Bookmart too. Frankly, I’m not so clear about the word “secondhand bookstore” too, since I don’t see any secondhand books for sale in the store (or is all the secondhand books for sale looks too good in condition for a secondhand book?) .

Bookmart 是日本的一间二手书店,里面有售卖各类日语书籍、CD、DVD和游戏光碟。Bookmart的会员们也可以将自己的日语书籍卖给Bookmart。老实说我也不太清楚”二手书店”这个词的意思,毕竟自己亲自到店里转了一圈并没有看到任何看起来像是二手书籍的书(还是所售卖的二手书籍的情况都太好了?)。

arkAile made a visit down to Bookmart at Central today. The friendly and helpful service provided left me a very good impression. If you think your Japanese is good, you might wanna try talk to the staffs in Bookmart in Japanese (maybe a good chance to test out your Japanese speaking skills ya?). Also, what Bookmart attracts me most is their price for books and stuffs, it’s almost the original price in Japan. Unlike a 10% discount which a Kinokuniya member can get in Kinokuniya with their member card, Bookmart member card will turn 5% of your purchase into points which you can use for discount in the future. Shopping in Bookmart seems like a better choice for a long term ya?

arkAile 今天亲自到了Central的Bookmart一趟。服务员亲切和有礼貌的服务给我留下了非常好的印象。如果认为自己的日语程度不错的话,到了Bookmart不妨用日语和服务员们交谈吧~ (我想这是个测试自己日语会话能力的绝佳机会?) Bookmart最最最吸引我的,就是书籍和其他物品的价格都很接近日本的原价。 在Kinokuniya,会员们购买东西时会得到10%折扣;而在Bookmart,会员每一次购买的总数的5%将会被转换成点数,然后可以用作将来的折扣点数使用。这样算来,在Bookmart长期购物似乎会比较划算?

Here are some information about the Bookmart store at Central.
Place: Central Branch at Clarke Quay, #02-32  (Nearest MRT station is Clarke Quay. It’s just at the 2nd floor of Central)
Business Time: 11am-11pm
Here is a map of Central if you still don’t know how to get there.

地点: 在 Clarke Quay的 Central Branch, #02-32 (最靠近的地铁站是克拉码头站。就在Central的二楼)
营业时间: 11am-11pm

That’s all for the introduction. Do pay a visit to Bookmart when you are free.




  1. Looks like a nice place to go.

    • More choices definitely means good news to shoppers~~

  2. Ya, this place is such a nice choice to go , so far be a member still unchargable as well ….

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