Posted by: arkAile | August 20, 2009

K-On! Instruments and Equipments/ 轻音部乐器与乐器配备

Apparently, more K-On! goods, this time musical instruments and equipment for instruments, will be releasing on October to suck more money from otakus. More information after the jump

最近网上公开了更多<K-On!> 周边商品的消息,而这次推出的是小乐器和乐器的配备。这些商品将会在10月发行,相信又有很多人的钱就这样被吸走了请大家好好期待吧!下面继续~~

k-on castanets
K-On Castanets. Doesn’t it reminds you of the fuwafuwa~ look of Yui playing a castanets. Will you buy this?

k-on tamborine
K-On! tamborine with the 4 K-On! girls picture on it ( Where’s Azu-nyan???). Guess it should be great to keep one at home.

k-on drumsticks
K-On! drumsticks with “Mio inochi” written on it. Guess it’s a item that Mio fans can hardly miss.
写着”澪 命”的轻音部鼓棒。澪的粉丝们千万别错过呀~

k-on mio bass guitar case
Softcase for Bass Guitar and neck plate for Bass Guitar Mio version. Isn’t great to have a Mio neck plate on your bass guitar?

k-on azu-nyan guitar case
Softcase for Guitar and neck plate for Guitar Azu-nyan version. I wonder can anyone concentrate when playing a guitar with Azu-nyan neckplate on it?

 Hope they come out with something compatible for piano and related to Mugi-chan soon… That’s all for this time.
希望下回有什么有紬紬的图像,又能够用在钢琴上的东西吧~ 以上!



  1. 我想要小唯的吉它….

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