Posted by: chris1809 | August 17, 2009

My Collections / 我的收藏


Hello, this is Chris. This will be a bi-lingual blog, consisting of english and chinese. Let me introduce myself First.
I am from JB, Malaysia. I like ACG very much. Currently work as a free-lancer. Likes Lucky Star, Nanoha series and K-ON! very much.

I was re-arranging my cupboards few days ago, and decided to take some photos on my collections.
It’s not that much, but not less either.

大家好, 我是Chris。 这个网志会是个双语网志, 以中文&英文来写。
我住在新山, 马来西亚西马最南端的都市。目前是个free-lancer。 喜欢的作品有幸运星, 魔法少女奈叶系列, 还有K-ON! 轻音。没有特别讨厌的作品, 也没有不喜欢的游戏类别, 但是偏爱RPG和ARPG。

前几天整理了一下自己的橱, 顺便就拍照来晒一下好了xD
这么一整理, 看起来不多, 不过其实真的很多= = 整理起来还挺头痛的。
再加上还有很多的手办之类的, 更加要小心了。

my seats, with my PC, PS2, PS3, and XBOX360 console / 我的座位, 电脑, 电视, PS2, PS3, XBOX360

Some of my game collections that i am playing recently / 我的一些游戏

Some of my Figma and nendoroids… hey wait, what’s the thing on Rena’s head? / Figma & Nendoroids… 等下, 礼奈头上出现了奇怪的东西?xDD

My Lucky Star collections. All character CDs, PS2 limited edition games, OVA DVD, Jap/ Chinese version manga, and the very limited edition pocket watch…. / 我的lucky star收集品。 所有的character CD, PS2限定版本游戏,OVA DVD, 中文日文版漫画,怀表等等…

Konata’s favourite! This Choco corone is the free gift from Movic of buying LS OVA DVD / Konata的最爱~ 别怀疑, 这个是买OVA DVD店家(MOVIC)特典, 现在外面应该找不到了xDDD

One of my most favourite light novel — Trinity Blood / 我最喜欢的轻小说作品之一 — 圣魔之血(trinity blood)

Pins i bought from Live Formula and Live Fighters of Mizuki Nana / 会场限定物 – 水树奈奈 Live Formula at Saitama Super Arena的pin, 还有Live Fighter的Pin。

Some of my most favourite AVG games — Fortune Arterial, Clannad, Utawarerumono, and the very first and very best AVG i had ever played –AIR / 我的部分AVG游戏,Fortune Arterial, Clannad, 还有让我陷入这个领域的游戏– AIR(别怀疑, 全部都是去日本的时候买回来的)

Some of my Figurines / 我的一些手办。

Ryofu from Koihime Musou / 我家最贵的手办 — 恋姬无双的吕布

That’s all for today. Actually there is more, i just lazy to take all of them out from the other corner… and most of them are games.
I’ll Share it out if there’s chance.

好了, 今天就先晒到这里。。。其实还有很多东西, 我都很懒惰整理出来拍照(虽然大部分都是游戏, 被我收在某个阴暗的角落)。
有机会的话, 我会再拿出来分享。



  1. 禮奈頭上的喜綠さん還真有違和感啊~
    竟然連Live Formula and Live Fighters of Mizuki Nana都有去嗎?真好啊!!!

    • 谢谢你的留言。
      LS的character CD基本上我都很喜欢呢, 很值得那个价钱。 另外, 有机会的话, 也一定一定要到日本一趟, 参与live演唱会, 感觉会和看DVD,BD很不一样。

  2. Wow nice collection and looks like you have a pretty big room too. I wish my room was like that but too bad i’m pretty poor right now 😦

    • thanks for your comments.
      my room isn’t big actually cos i am sharing room with my brothers. this is the corner belongs to me, and i only got this cupboard area to let me place my things…

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