Posted by: arkAile | August 17, 2009

水樹奈々・茅原実里 on MUSIC JAPAN 新世紀アニソンSP

相信很多人都知道minorin 在Daicon之后的一天又马上飞回日本参与Music Japan的录影工作。以上就是minorin 所参与的那个音乐节目 —– Music Japan 新世紀アニソンSP 了!访问当中提到minorin来马来西亚的感想,似乎给minorin 留下了很不错的印象呢~

I believe many people out there know that Minorin flew back to Japan the day after Daicon for a music show. Yes! This is THAT show —- Music Japan Shinseiki Anison SP!!!! Looks like the trip to Malaysia gave Minorin a very nice impression, according to Minorin’s interview.

中间的长门ver. 和千秋ver. 的eyecatch 实在好萌啊~ 突然间又想起被骂了两次 “このバカ野郎” 的愉快感觉~~ 唱<Paradise Lost>的时候,那个很野很帅气的minorin实在是太棒了,忍不住想再看一次minorin的live呀!!

奈奈的现场版<Discotheque>我还是第一次看到呢!这个时候Inakiken应该正躲在某个角落一边偷笑,一边说”我早就看过了,还看过两次,呵呵呵呵~” “Chu-Lu-Chu-Lu-Chu-Lu Pa-Ya-Pa”的时候整个现场的气氛真的是棒极了!!我看我再一直重复看下去迟早会被奈奈给萌杀的。。。。



Nagato ver. and Chiaki ver. eyecatch is totally MOE!!!! Reminds me of the moment being scolded “Kono Bakayarou!!” twice during Daicon~~ I’m sure that <Paradise Lost> is definitely one of Minorin’s best song to be sang live. I wonder when is the next time I ever get to see Minorin’s live again….

Unlike Inakiken who had seen Nana-chan’s <Discotheque> live TWICE, this is my first time to see her sing this song live. The atmosphere when everybody “Chu-Lu-Chu-Lu-Chu-Lu Pa-Ya-Pa” together is simply marvelous!! Woah…somebody save me….I can’t stop myself from watching this video again and again……

One thing to note is that Nana-chan and Minorin brought their own band to the show. I guess thats 200% enjoy for all the audience there.

Alrite, enjoy~~


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